Frequently Asked Questions about Home Remodeling

What will my project cost?

It is not uncommon for the real cost of a project to be 50-100 percent above the perceived cost in the eyes of the average homeowner and some architects. This is due to ever-rising material and labor costs. However, the Bryhn Method ensures that a realistic budget is established up front, and because the entire team is involved with both design and construction, rarely are there cost overruns after the budget is approved by the clients.

How much should I expect the budget to vary because of unforeseen change orders?

The industry standard for cost overruns is approximately 10-20 percent. This is often the result of beginning a project without doing a thorough analysis of the existing property and without figuring for add-ons that often seem to just “appear out of nowhere.” (For example, while you have your walls open, you realize that you need to replace your old furnace with a new energy efficient split system with a media air filter to ease allergies and upgrade your insulation with soy-based spray foam for energy savings. That’s going to blow your budget away!) Because Bryhn completes a thorough analysis in the earliest planning stages and applies value engineering through the design, we cannot only envision these “unforeseen” circumstances, we also can plan and budget for them. We’ve drastically exceeded the industry standard, keeping cost overruns to 2 percent or less – that’s a difference of 8-18 percent – equating to thousands of dollars saved.

What percentage of the total budget is for design?

On average, 5-12 percent of the project budget is for design.

Can you give me a general idea of the average bottom-line budget guidelines of additions so I have a general idea and can establish a plan for funding the project?

How long will my project take?

Each job is dependant on the scope of work. A simple kitchen remodel should take no longer than eight to ten weeks. An addition, depend on the size and details, should take no longer than three to six months. However, these are just time estimates and can change. Each job is unique and Bryhn takes the time and care to ensure that it is done correctly.

Clients can help keep their projects on schedule by working with our Design Coordinators to select elements such as custom finishes, vinyl siding, roofing, windows, tile, cabinetry and granite. Because most of these items must be ordered and can take from two to twelve weeks to arrive, the more that is selected and ordered prior to the project beginning, the more likely the project is to stay on schedule!

I have the floor plan in mind for my addition, but I can’t seem to visualize exactly how it will look in the end. Can you help make my vision a reality?

Bryhn uses our design experience and Bryhn Method™to help you visualize a space before any work is done. We provide 3-D computerized renditions to produce the most accurate reflection of the finished space as possible. This allows clients to make changes prior to the beginning of construction so they can feel secure about their decisions.

If I already have architectural plans, will Bryhn Construction work with my architect?

While Bryhn’s focus is Design/Build, we’d be happy to work with your existing architectural plans. We may suggest modifications that will best optimize your finished space, but we will consider your renderings in our process. We do have experience working along side many architects and designers to bring our clients’ exact visions to life.

Will Bryhn do work outside of my home, for example, driveways, walkways, patios, landscaping, etc.?

Yes, if the work is related to your addition or new home project. Additionally, Bryhn Construction can recommend reputable providers of a variety of services, such as landscapers with whom we have worked for years.

Will Bryhn help me with interior design, even selecting furniture?

Yes! Bryhn Construction offers specialized interior design services as part of the Bryhn Method™. Our design coordinator will consult with you on every detail of the interior of your new space. The design coordinator will shop with you for window coverings, light fixtures, paint colors, trim, and even furniture and decorative items to complete your vision for your home.

How long has Bryhn Construction been in business?

Bryhn Construction was founded in 1996, and has since established an exceptional reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Our owner, Roy Bryhn, has worked in design and construction since he was 10 years old, and our head carpenters and contractors have years of collective experience in remodeling a variety of homes.

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