The Bryhn Method™

Bryhn Construction offers a unique, customer-focused approach to design/build products that is unparalleled in the remodeling industry. It aligns your needs, timetables and budgets to fulfill your vision. The method consists of six elements:

The Discovery

  1. Determining need. Our very first “Why?”
  2. Long-term objectives vs. here-and-now budget
  3. Let’s watch some HGTV together
  4. Use Project Idea Book™ to begin bringing vision to life

Before even meeting with you, we ask you to compile a scrapbook of ideas, notes, priorities, pictures and styles. It can be as detailed as you like. We ask that every member of your household contribute to the Project Idea Book, to ensure that the final product is a true reflection of your family.

This process will help you express what you truly want to achieve with your remodel. It also gives you a chance to discuss the elements of your new space with other family members or anyone else who will be impacted by the new space.

The Project Prioritizer™

  1. Use Project Prioritizer™ to get to the essence of wants and needs
  2. Start with end in mind
  3. Envision final outcome

During our initial meeting, we will listen to your ideas, help you prioritize wants and needs, offer suggestions, answer questions, and ultimately drill down to the essential requirements of the project, offering rough budgeting figures along the way.

In this short but valuable first meeting, you will gain not only a deeper understanding of the project possibilities, but an equally important understanding of approximate project budget so that adjustments can be made up front. In this way, we assure you that you won’t be facing budget overruns at the end of the project.

The Design™

  1. The Visual Direction™ provides dimensional look and feel
  2. Every possibility explored – with eyes wide open
  3. Taking on the role of your creative conscious
  4. Now let’s see it in 360 degree 3-D

We conduct a thorough photo documentation and analysis of the current conditions of your home, including accurate measurements, which are then used to create a 3- D rendering. Then, based on the Project Prioritizerᄢ, we design the new space and present two to three options in 3-D digital renderings with 360-degree viewing. We also present more refined estimates, which will be accurate plus or minus five percent of the final budget.

By allowing you to get a real sense of what the finished space will look and feel like and, if you wish, to explore other options, we provide you with ample time to think through the details and to recommend any changes before the project begins.

The Interior Design Navigator™

  1. Walk hand-in-hand with our Interior Designer to nail down the small details that count big at the conclusion of your project
  2. With you every step of the way
  3. Everything contributes to the final look
  4. But caution! Everything adds to the bottom line

Our motto is “concept to completion,” and that means that we aren’t satisfied until your new space is complete – every wall hanging in place, every drapery hung. That’s why we appoint an interior design coordinator to help you navigate through the choices and select finishes and accessories that will ultimately make your project complete.

Most remodeling firms don’t take this important final step into account, or they leave it to be rushed at the last minute. But we at Bryhn Construction know that, especially if this is your first remodeling project, making all of these decisions can be overwhelming. Our design coordinator accompanies you every step of the way to make the process easier and more enjoyable. The Interior Design Navigator ensures that the selections you make are within the project budget and fulfill your vision for the finished space, down to the last detail.

Construction Begins

  1. Live walk-through with ALL involved
  2. Do all the pieces fit?
  3. Is the schedule right for everybody?
  4. Is everybody working as a team?
  5. Real-time, on-site, open communication is the key

Right before we begin the project, we complete a live walk-through with ALL key personnel that will be involved in the project. This is to ensure that all aspects of the project or any potential obstacles have been addressed. Then, we fine tune the plan and provide the final estimate and construction agreement.

This experience provides the opportunity for all of the contractors to align their objectives with yours and ensures that change-order costs, if any, will be minimal. It also ensures that the agreed timetable can be met and provides you one last opportunity to make any final modifications to the project.

We introduce you to the lead contractor for the project, who will discuss your lifestyle and identify ways to minimize the project’s impact on your life during construction. We also set up the Project White Board, a “command central” for the project on which milestones are noted, questions are asked, and communication is kept open between you and all of the contractors.

Mid Construction

  1. Our Project White BoardTM keeps you in control
  2. Keeps everybody on the same page
  3. Keeps the team working toward pre-determined goals
  4. Tracks milestones, raises concerns, solves problems
  5. Can we make it any easier on YOU?

Your life can’t come to a halt just because you are remodeling your home. We understand this and try to accommodate your lifestyle and be as minimally intrusive as possible. The Project White Board is our way of communicating in real-time what has been accomplished, what steps remain in the process, and any important notifications, contact numbers, etc.

Construction Ends

  1. Were all aspirations realized?
  2. Is everybody happy?
  3. Any finishing touches?
  4. Nook-and-cranny clean up
  5. Savor the fruits of design/build methodology
  6. Your one-year warranty...

...and our sincere “Thank You.”

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